Spotlight on… The Bull Sessions

In this Spotlight, we meet the hosts of new millennial-centric podcast, “The Bull Sessions“. Find out why they think podcasts are such a vital medium for the 20 – 30 year old market and what makes them such an important group to target.

The photo shows, from left to right, podcast co-hosts, Ross Jefferies, Thomas West, Henry Martin with recent guest,  co-founder of The Oblique Life Keyu Sumaria.

Can you tell us about your new podcast? What made you set it up?

Ross: Tom, Henry and I all finished secondary school in 2014 and they both went off to university whilst I stayed in Tunbridge Wells and started my journey in the working world.

Fast forward to Christmas 2017 and they had both graduated. Over a beer, we started talking about how we could start our own podcast given how we all hugely enjoy listening to podcasts ourselves. We deliberated over a name for an awfully long time before deciding on “The Bull Sessions” as, by definition, a bull session is an informal chat between friends, which fits perfectly.

The ongoing plan is to continue to have successful and interesting millennials as guests for each fortnightly episode with Tom, Henry and myself interviewing them.

What other similar podcasts are out there?

Tom: We’ve come across a number of podcasts with millennial hosts, and there are of course shows interviewing successful people. I think what’s most important is we haven’t found a podcast with our main message of spreading positivity and raising awareness of success in the millennial generation, which is why we wanted to start the podcast.

We’re looking to try and carve out our own space and evolve into a podcast providing something that is different to what’s out there already.

Are there any podcasts that you’ve been particularly inspired by?

Tom: I think the great thing about starting The Bull Sessions is that we’ve all listened to a huge variety of podcasts, and all brought in different elements which have contributed to our final format.

There’s so many podcasts that we’ve drawn inspiration from, but one which keeps cropping up is How I Built This – a podcast telling the stories of how some of the world’s largest businesses have been built. We love how host Guy Raz tells a story in a clear and interesting way, which is something we are definitely looking to do in our interviews.

Aside from this, other elements we’ve been inspired by are Joe Rogan’s casual and conversational take on interviews, the entertaining vibe provided by the millennial hosts of Private Parts and the inspirational story of The Diary of a CEO.

Why do you think this medium works so well for millennials?

Henry: Firstly, The Bull Sessions podcasts are purely audio (at this stage), making them ideal to listen to during everyday life. Personally, I love to get my daily fix of podcasts in the car or at the gym. Secondly, the sessions can also be downloaded to be listened to offline, at any time, meaning seamless content on demand and on-the-go. Thirdly, the podcasts can be accessed on multiple platforms (Podbean, iTunes, Youtube, Acast) and we’re looking to expand these to make it even easier for our listeners. This means that you’re not restricted from downloading our podcasts by the brand of phone you own. Finally, the informal layout and structure of our interview sessions doesn’t replicate the typically rigid interview structure you see elsewhere in the media. The discussions with our guests offer a unique and personal perspective into their struggles and successes, which would be lost in traditional print-media.

What is it about millennials that makes you so keen to reach them?

Henry: Tom, Ross and I are all millennials ourselves and this has generated a natural interest in delving into the lives, stories and inspirations behind the careers and businesses other youngsters have created. Often, millennials are poorly represented in the media, branded as the ‘lazy generation’, something we are actively looking to change through each interview session. Also, millennials are under-represented in the podcast world. Interviews of youngsters, conducted by youngsters, are few and far between. We are looking to offer a platform for successful individuals to share their stories and inspire the youth of today. Although our interviews focus solely on Generation Y, we are keen to reach listeners of all ages as the fascinating stories our guests share deserve to be commended.

What guests can listeners look forward to?

Ross: The idea is to continue to have a stream of guests from as many walks of life as possible. Our most recent recording was Keyu Sumaria, Co-Founder of Oblique Life – a members club targeted at millennials that aims to unlock London.

In terms of future guests, we have Becca Dean, Co-Founder of The Girls Network, which is a one-to-one mentoring scheme set up to empower girls from disadvantaged backgrounds through mentorship and female role models. Lindsey Noakes, Co-Founder of Gather will also be appearing on The Bull Sessions where we will get her to explain all about Gather’s mission of expanding sanitation services for 15 million people in eight emerging cities across the world  by 2020. Then in April, we’ll have Christian May, editor of City A.M., in the hot seat and proves the amount of success we are having in terms of interviewing guests of a calibre.

Who would be your perfect guest?

We actually discussed that in our introduction to the podcast, so you’ll have to listen to it to find out!


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