Five of the best finance apps for couples

Here are some of the best finance apps for couples on the market. Using these should help make arguments about money a thing of the past.

Honey due

This app helps users manage their finances as part of a couple. It builds on research the founders conducted that found that while spreadsheets are a popular option for couples to co-manage their finances, many don’t necessarily know how to use them. So it makes this easier by prebuilding functionality. It’s also truly collaborative and lets both parties input into where they are spending their money and also to what extent they want to share purchases – it gives you the option to choose accounts to share.

Not strictly a financial management app, but it gives couples all the building blocks they need to successfully navigate the world of personal finance. It’s an easy way to write to-do lists and prioritise tasks – it also synchs up to existing lists and calendars. Both halves of a couple can access the same account so it’s a helpful way to avoid duplication of efforts. You just need to remember to tick off jobs that have been done!


This app puts the emphasis on couples’ finances, allowing you to create a household budget within seconds and letting each half tag transactions to help keep track of where you are with spending. It also helps you couples at every stage of their relationship, whether that’s saving towards a house, getting married or having a baby.


Continuing on the domestic theme, AnyList makes food shopping easier. It lets different users (with different accounts) share shopping lists as well as make changes to existing ones. And there are a range of other features as well to ensure you’re buying what you’re meant to be buying – you can upload pictures of your desired item and the app will automatically find the item and you can scan barcodes. It also lets you look up and use coupons to help you save money on your shopping.


So far, we’ve looked at apps for those in well established relationships. What if you and your significant other are no where near planning for babies but still want to split the load properly when you go out for dinner? Splitwise helps you track spending and takes the awkwardness out of lending friends money by helping you get IOUs and expenses paid back. Dating can be stressful at the best of times but this app at least takes uncertainty over who pays for dinner out of the equation.

Other similar apps are available and worth mentioning including Kittysplit and Paytween.


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