What we’ve been reading – Top millennial stories from the past week

People who complain about millennials are really just complaining about being old

This interesting piece appeared in Quartz earlier in the week, offering a new perspective on the “are millennials actually any different” debate? This time, former head of HR at Netflix, Patty McCord, has weighed in with her own views, which the author has summarised thus: “The issue isn’t that millennials are different from previous generations—it’s that people who are young are different from people who aren’t.”

How to Engage Millennials on Mobile Apps

As the battle to reach millennials spreads to apps, this article offers some useful tips on how to engage this group on mobile apps. Tips include: be unique, have a social media strategy and experimenting with AI.

Millennials are driving a $9 trillion change in investing

Millennials are driving the nearly $9 trillion sustainable investing market, according to a survey of 1,000 investors by Morgan Stanley’s Institute for Sustainable Investing. The study found that millennials have been behind the growth of the market for impact investing and the adoption of sustainable portfolio options and other products such as green bonds and green ETFs.

Millennials: Conflict between Instinct to Save and Urge to Spend is Elevating Anxiety

In its new ‘Planning & Progress Study’, US based Mutual Northwestern, reveals the tensions millennials are facing between between their long-term financial aspirations and the lure of spending now. However, on a brighter note, the study found that in the early stage of their financial lives, millennials recognised the importance of taking steps toward securing their financial future. For example, nearly two thirds of Millennials (64%) recognize that they need a financial plan that anticipates up and down cycles compared to 55% Gen X and 43% boomers. Less positively, millennials were shown to give in to the “urge to splurge” more easily than other generations, with one third (32%) of millennials saying they are prone to “excessive or frivolous spending” (relative to 26% Gen X and 19% of boomers).

‘Hold My Avocado’ Is the Viral Catchphrase Millennials Have Been Looking For

If Time is to be believed, there is a new catchphrase in town, tailor-made for millennials. According to an article published this week, “”Hold my avocado” takes advantage of the “hold my beer” dialogue construction that’s become an internet joke to represent how politicians, brands, or other entities play a race-to-the-bottom game of putting their feet in their mouths.”


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