What we’ve been reading: top millennial stories from the past week

Millennials’ email habits are at unhealthy levels, resulting in round the clock stress

Research by Bupa suggests that email overload among millennials is reaching unhealthy levels. The study found that 42% of workers said they would feel stressed if they were not able to access their emails, a fifth believed they would be regarded as uncommitted by their employers if they did not respond to emails outside of work hours and a third even thought their career progression could be affected. According to the researchers, while these younger workers might feel that they are being productive around the clock, in the long-term their round the clock working habits can cause them to burn out or experience health and wellbeing issues.

This chart reveals a huge difference in how millennials and their parents spend money

Millennials are outspending their older peers at restaurants, according to new credit card spending data from Bank of America Merrill Lynch. “All four demographic groups spend about the same amount of their spending basket on food,” analysts at the bank said. “But Millennials concentrate more of their spending at restaurants while the other three cohorts spend more at grocery stores.”

A third of millennials think now is the time to jump into the market

According to a quarterly investment survey from E*Trade Financial ETFC, -0.24% nearly a third of millennial investors—defined as ones between the ages of 25 and 34—are planning to move out of cash and into new positions over the coming six months. By comparison, only 19% of Generation X investors (aged 35-54) are planning such a change to their portfolio, while 9% of investors above the age of 55 are planning to buy in.

New research shows “digital natives” are no better at technology than the rest of us

A recent editorial in Nature has questioned the idea of a ‘digital native’, suggesting those aged under 35 are no better picking up technology than other age groups. While it is often assumed that younger generations “learn differently and require specialized, multimedia teaching strategies because they grew up with smartphones and the web”, this piece challenges existing orthodoxies that suggest digital natives are more tech-savvy or good at multi-tasking than older generations.

Are millennials wasting money on status symbols?

Are millennials blowing their meagre incomes on status symbols? Evidence uncovered by insurer Direct Line would suggest so. The research found that a quarter of those aged between 18 and 34 seek to emulate small screen icons such as the stars of TOWIE who openly flaunt their wealth. More than a third said they bragged about their expensive branded goods on social media with one in five saying there was no point owning nice things if other people don’t know about it.



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