What we’ve been reading – Top millennial stories from the past week

  1. Millennials Are Buying Homes Because of Their Dogs – Not Their Children or Marriages

A survey by SunTrust Mortgage found that dogs could be a deciding factor in the house purchasing choices of up to a third of millennials. When asked why they were buying their first home, their dog was the third most common reason cited, ahead of children and marriage. Commenting on the findings, Dorinda Smith, CEO of SunTrust said: “for those with dogs, renting can be more expensive and a hassle; home ownership takes some of the stress off by providing a better living situation.”

  1. Millennials: how does insecure work affect your mental health?

Following research by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) and Business in the Community, The Guardian is calling for millennials who are in temporary or part-time work to share their experiences of mental health. The research found that millennials who fell into this category were 29% more likely to experience poorer mental health and wellbeing, compared with those in more permanent or secure work. Those affected can have their say here.

  1. Ethical funds show that doing good CAN be profitable as they beat rivals by backing firms loved by millennials

This piece in the Daily Mail looks at how ethical funds are realigning their focus as they look to appeal more to millennials. While ethical funds have historically been driven by avoiding certain stocks, such as tobacco and arms, modern day fund managers are looking to include stocks that appeal to millennials. Examples of this include recycling and sustainability firms, as well as firms focused on making a positive social impact.

  1. Millennials are killing the beer industry

Ok, this one is here more to highlight the increasingly popular “millennials are killing … [insert noun]” headline, which is sending social media into a flurry. It’s such a thing that there are even spoof accounts, like Millennials Kill It. But this article does point to another wider trend in the millennial market, the fact they are simply drinking less than more mature age groups. This week, Goldman Sachs even downgraded both Boston Beer Company and Constellation Brand on the data that younger consumers aren’t drinking as much alcohol as older generations.

  1. Millennials Are Reshaping The World Of Social Impact

Far from being “self-centered, careerist, apathetic, coddled, materialistic, and unfocused”, this piece argues that many millennials are in fact “breaking down the systemic barriers standing between people and opportunity”, by building “high-impact organizations and problem-solving ecosystems.”

According to the article, “Millennials from diverse backgrounds and sectors are fearlessly ignoring the negative chatter about their generation and instead are showing us the future”. There is hope for this generation yet!


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