What we’ve been reading – Top millennial stories from the past week

Could old Etonian Jacob Rees-Mogg be a foil to the unstoppable rise of Jeremy Corbyn? “What millennials warm to [about Rees-Mogg] is his extraordinary authenticity” says James Delingpole in The Spectator, as he looks at Rees-Mogg’s rapid ascension through the Tory party ranks.

Meet the millennials’ younger sibling. Little attention has so far been paid to Generation Z, the latest generation to hit adulthood, but data gathered by US-based political science professor Jeff Brauer suggests they are even more conservative than their millennial counterparts which could shape policies in the years to come.

This study, carried out by the Higher Education Policy Institute in conjunction with Unite Students, found that millennials about to enter university are woefully unprepared for “the real world”. Not only are many experiencing physical symptoms such as panic attacks and difficulties sleeping, a number of specific areas have been highlighted where applicants’ expectations are out of line with reality. (With thanks to Jason Butler for alerting me to this via Twitter.)

 The changing of the guard is apace as millennials officially become the largest generation (in the US). As immigration adds more numbers to its group than any other, the millennial population is now not expected to peak until 2036.

 New research, carried out by marketing agency ZAK, reveals reluctance among those under 30 about being referred to as millennials. According to the research, too many negative connotations have put this age group off the term, while Professor Cary Cooper of Manchester business school argues it has become meaningless since it encompasses too many different groups.


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